Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good News comes in Twos

I have two pieces of moderately good news.

Firstly I finally got round to phoning the university to find out whether I had managed to get anything out of years 2005 - 2009 apart from crippling debt and a few dickhead mates. Astoundingly I actually managed to speak to someone who actually seemed coherent enough to understand what I was saying and reply in a manner which hinted at some knowledge of the university system. This is a definite first for my dealings with the London Metropolitan University admin department, usually they deal with my queries with the efficiency and enthusiasm of a depressed paraplegic on valium. But I shouldn't really grumble because the nice lady told me I had achieved a 2:2 with honours which was pretty special news for a goon like me. Of course I phoned my mother straight away and she sounded genuinely happy, I got a funny warm feeling inside which I think might have been pride but could also have been indigestion as I'd just had a cheese and ham panini.

Next piece of news... I have found somewhere to live for the next 4 months of saving. It's a house share in Perivale which is a desolate no mans land between what looks like gypsy farmland and the Hanger Lane Gyratory. It's idyllic of course. My room is about the size of a bus shelter with a mattress on the floor and some hooks on the wall to hang up clothes. Some positives though, they have a cleaning rota and the telly lives in the garden - my new Iranian landlord explained the process of covering it up with a plastic bag when it rains. I think I might just read more.

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