Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dating in the Dark

Tonight I watched Dating in the Dark on Living with my friends. Its a programme where three men (one minging one fit one edgy / fucking weird) and three women (one minging one fit one fat) date each other in a blacked out room so they cant see what one another other look like and then have to pick one to see in the light by personality and touch to potentially date. Then to make it even more amazing they have to decide whether the one they picked to see is worth not completely screwing over and shaming on telly by saying they want to go on a proper date with them. In the light. Where they can see each others actual faces.

Absolutely amazing television! My friend Boo said that if she went on Dating in the Dark she'd bandage down her boobs and pretend to be a prepubescent child to freak them out. We could make a whole new concept out of it use it as a peado trap. The ones that are into it get taken away and the ones who aren't into it go free. It's just a shame it wasn't around a few years ago, we could have caught Gary Glitter out on the celebrity special.

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