Monday, 1 November 2010

The best thing about today was that I managed to steal an extra box of Canesten Duo thrush treatment from Greenwich Pharmacy.

I think I must have been the first person to ever suggest paying by Visa for something as it took the woman who served me a good ten to twelve seconds to process what I was proposing when I took out my card. Once she had asked if I could pay cash (no - I'll pay whichever way is most fucking convenient to me, this is 2010, I have thrush and it's your job to be nice to me you retarded old bat), she took my Visa card from me (reluctantly) into the back room only to appear a minute later claiming that 'we're sending a fax through on the card machine so you'll need to wait ten minutes'.

I'm a reasonable person and I don't claim to know for definite that you can’t send a fax through a chip and pin card reader, but REALLY??? ARE YOU REALLY SENDING A FAX THROUGH THAT THING? OR ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO GET ME TO PAY CASH BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SURE WHICH BUTTONS TO PRESS TO MAKE THE MAGIC PLASTIC MONEY FLY INTO YOUR TILL?

It took her a further 15 minutes to complete my card transaction, all done in the back room apart from when she hurried back to get me to 'press my numbers'. So I didn't feel even a tiny bit guilty convincing her that she hadn't already given me my box of itching relief cream and oral capsule and so walked away with a double portion of magic minge medicine. HAVE THAT GREENWICH PHARMACY! AND LEARN TO USE A FUCKING CHIP AND PIN OR I'LL DO IT AGAIN NEXT TIME I HAVE A YEAST INBALANCE IN MY VAGINA!


p.s. thrush isn't dirty my mum told me only clean people get it.

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